Tip of the Day #3 Mindfulness Meditation

Tip of the Day # 3 Mindfulness Meditation

Meditate! No this doesn’t mean you have to sit in a room with your legs crossed and candles lit chanting “ohm” with binaural beats in the background (although I definitely recommend doing that from time to time) Meditation, especially mindfulness meditation is simply the practice of being in the present moment and allowing all distraction to leave the body. How does this apply to exercise? MMC the mind muscle connection. You see the guy in the gym everyday who goes in talks to everyone during and between sets, kinda throws the weights around talks to everyone (loudly) and is there for hours. You also see that same guy doing and looking the same for months and months on end. Then you see the quiet guy (or girl) with a hat pulled down headphones in who you really don’t want to walk up to because you are afraid they’ll snap at you if you get them out of their “zone” (they just might, but probably not) In most cases, not all, you’re also seeing this guy (or girl) looking better and better putting more and more plates or doing more and more reps every time they come in the gym. Now you tell me who you’d rather be. Have a great workout! 🙂


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